Why Choose Us

Our deep understanding of both Greek and EU regulatory landscapes, paired with our hands-on experience in co-financed projects, sets us apart as your ideal investment ally. Whether you’re at the initial phase of establishing your business or optimizing your existing operations, our team offers unparalleled guidance at every turn.

The Investment Center is the essential navigator that will lead to the right investment

The Investment HUB at Destined Liberty is your all-encompassing resource for setting up and managing your venture in Greece. We deliver customized business, legal, and accounting advice to not only ensure compliance with Greek laws but also to secure your market success. Our services are designed to streamline your operations, minimize risks, and capitalize on Greece’s unique economic advantages.
Initial Consultation
Begin with a personal consultation with our investment specialists to discuss your vision, goals, and the opportunities you wish to pursue. This step guarantees we fully understand your needs and can customize our advice accordingly.
Market Analysis & Strategy Development
Leveraging insights from our initial discussion, our team performs an in-depth market analysis to spot potential challenges and opportunities within the Greek and EU markets. We then devise a tailored investment strategy, charting the course to your success.
Navigating Legal and Regulatory Frameworks
Entering a new market presents its own set of hurdles, especially regarding legal and regulatory adherence. Our legal and accounting experts offer extensive support, ensuring your investment is not only compliant but also optimally positioned for growth and longevity.
Accessing Co-Funded Programs and Subsidies
Benefit from our expertise in national and EU co-financed programs to enhance your investment's impact. We guide you through the application process, from paperwork to submission, improving your chances of securing funding.
Implementation & Ongoing Support
With financing secured and legalities in order, it's time to actualize your investment. Our team assists through the implementation phase, providing continuous management, reporting, and optimization services to ensure ongoing success.
Growth & Expansion
As your investment develops, we focus on the future. Our strategic planning services aim to uncover new growth and expansion opportunities, keeping your business competitive and innovative.