ANGELAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES has managed and successfully implemented to date a large number of business projects in the framework of national and European co-funded programs. Our many years of experience in the preparation of designs and the implementation of investment projects are a guarantee for the final result and the smooth completion of the whole process.

More specifically, the company undertakes:

The supervision of the collection of all the necessary documentation required for the initial submission of the investment plan, as well as for the possible amendments and progress reports of the programme after its approval.

The supervision of the preparation of the reports of amendments and progress of the project, as well as the preparation of the above required files.

The timely electronic submission of the data required, in accordance with the requirements and deadlines set out in the official programme implementation guide.

The provision of consulting services regarding the proper implementation of the programme, throughout its management.

The supervision of the implementation of the project. 

In summary, the services of ANGELAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES, in the field of co-funded programmes are as follows:

  • Diligence in gathering the required supporting documents.
  • Preparation of an economic assessment and technical design
  • Submission of an investment project file
  • Project monitoring and management
  • Following up on the implementation – completion of an investment project

Co-funded projects we undertake:

  • Under the development law
  • NSRF programmes
  • Recovery Fund programmes

Active Investment Programs

Subsidy action for the development of Publicly Accessible E/O Charging Stations



Action 2 – Green SME Productive Investment


Green Transformation of SMEs

NSRF 2021-2027

Action 3 – Digital transformation of leading SMEs

NSRF 2021 – 2027

Action 2 – Advanced Digital Tranformation of SME’s

NSRF 2021 – 2027

Action 1 – Basic Digital Transformation of SMEs

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