We draw up business plans for our clients, assisting them in their business decisions. A comprehensive business plan is the most important tool to capture both the vision and the course of a business. Our company has extensive experience and specialized staff in the preparation of business plans suitable for the use desired by clients.

A business plan can be used:

  • To obtain a loan from a bank
  • For fund financing
  • For the restructuring of the company
  • For subsidies from co-funded programmes
  • To find strategic partners

A comprehensive business plan demonstrates the qualitative and quantitative data concerning the company and reflects its current and future image, helping it to take the necessary decisions for its future course. Business plans are addressed to banks and funds to obtain loan capital, are used to obtain subsidies, and among other things provide important information to the company’s management to help them in their decision making.

Active Investment Programs

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Entrepreneurship 360°

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Recovery fund


Recovery fund


Development Law 4887/2022

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