Our company’s aim is to be the most reliable and trustworthy partner for all our clients in the process of analysing the opportunities and risks that inevitably exist in any potential investment.

The company has the necessary know-how and highly trained executives to guide customers through the use of complex financial tools to make the best business decision for themselves and to optimize the expected financial return of each investment.

The analysis of the individual parameters of each investment project, the evaluation and quantification of the expected profit or cost, as the case may be, are key factors that should determine the final decision to undertake and implement each investment attempt.

As the sensitivity of business decisions based on a particular parameter may cause a reversal of that decision if that parameter changes, it is shown that the preparation of economic assessments to help inform the final decision is imperative.

Active Investment Programs

Subsidy action for the development of Publicly Accessible E/O Charging Stations



Action 2 – Green SME Productive Investment


Green Transformation of SMEs

NSRF 2021-2027

Action 3 – Digital transformation of leading SMEs

NSRF 2021 – 2027

Action 2 – Advanced Digital Tranformation of SME’s

NSRF 2021 – 2027

Action 1 – Basic Digital Transformation of SMEs

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