NSRF 2021-2027


Funding Key Points

Date of opening/closing of applications


Content of the Investment Plan

The Ministry of National Economy and Finance, acting as a supporter of new high-value-added entrepreneurial initiatives that:


  1. Provide competitive and high-quality products and services,
  2. Exploit the country’s comparative advantages,
  3. Invest their own resources in the activity they intend to carry out,
  4. Create new job positions,


took the initiative to design the new Action to support the establishment and operation of new Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) that will be implemented in all thirteen (13) Administrative Regions of the country.


In this action, proposals can be submitted by start-up and newly established medium-sized, small, and very small businesses.

Newly established enterprises are defined as those that have not been in continuous operation for 12 months from the date of establishment to the date of announcement of the action.

The eligible activity codes will be defined in the Detailed Call for Proposals of the Action. Those who are involved in supporting businesses in the Hospitality, Retail, and Tourism sectors will not be included.



Underlying investment projects

The subsidized budget for each investment plan ranges from €40,000 to €400,000.

The subsidy will amount to 45% of the submitted expenses.

The subsidy rate may be increased by (a) 10% if the investment is made in remote, fire-affected, flood-prone areas or small islands, and (b) an additional 5% with the achievement of at least 0.2 FTE employment target in the first year after the completion of the investment.

The implementation duration of the physical and economic objectives of the investment plan is strictly set at 24 months, with no possibility of extension.

Eligible expenditure

  • Buildings, facilities, and environmental space
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Digital equipment and software
  • Other equipment
  • Start-up grants (for the initiation of SMEs)
  • Promotion and externalization expenses
  • Technical studies
  • Advisory services
  • Transportation means
  • Indirect expenses (up to 7% of eligible direct expenses of the investment plan)


The eligible expenditure categories, as well as their maximum limits, will be defined in the detailed Call for Proposals of the Action.

Other information

Funding applications will be submitted electronically only, without the submission of a physical dossier, through the Integrated Information System for Managing State Aid (IISMSA). The deadline and the method of submission, the required documentation, the obligations of the beneficiaries, and other implementation terms will be described in the Detailed Call for Proposals of the Action.

The Comparative Evaluation will be applied for the evaluation of the Action.

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