Subsidy action for the development of Publicly Accessible E/O Charging Stations


The Action is implemented within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “Greece 2.0” with funding from the European Union – Next Generation EU.

Funding Key Points

Date of opening/closing of applications

The start of submitting applications to the platform of the “Charging Everywhere” Action started on 11/5 from 12:00 pm.

Content of the Investment Plan

The goal is to create a basic public charging network for electric vehicles throughout the country, with maximum geographical and population coverage, but also to ensure healthy competition.

The Action provides financial incentives for the supply, installation and connection to the electrical grid of publicly accessible E/O charging stations, powered by electricity produced from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in urban and peri-urban areas and points of interest (airports, highways, ports , parking lots, etc.).


The potential Beneficiaries of the Action are:

  • Commercial Companies and Sole Proprietors
  • Cooperatives
  • Social Cooperative Enterprises (SCE)
  • Agricultural Cooperatives (AC)
  • Producer Groups (PG)
  • Agricultural Corporate Partnerships (A.C.P.)
  • Urban Cooperatives
  • Consortiums engaged in commercial activity, Public and Municipal enterprises and their subsidiaries (subject to conditions).


The beneficiaries are the entities that cover the cost of the initial investment for the development of the EO charging stations and are divided into 2 Categories (I and II):

Category I:

Owners or those having a legal right to exclusive use of the space where the station will be installed, and who contract with E/O Charging Infrastructure Operators (see category II) for the representation (operation) of the station.

Category II:

E/O Charging Infrastructure Operators, which contract for the granting of full and unrestricted use of the station’s installation area.


Category A

Charging stations installed in  Local Government Organizations areas of responsibility with Grade A are included in Electric Vehicle Charging Schemes: The potential beneficiaries of Category A are the concessionaires E/O Charging Infrastructure Operators resulting from the conduct of open tenders for concessions (in accordance with the standard issues of par. 2 of no. 16 of Law 4710/2020) that have preceded for the development, management and operation of publicly accessible E/O recharging infrastructures.The aid rates for this category are determined on the basis of the concession agreement signed between the contracting authority and the concessionaire, taking into account the maximum aid rates set in the action’s Joint Ministerial Decision, based on the population of the respective municipality.




Municipality Population Range Maximum aid rate
Above 100000 inhabitants 50%
From 30000 to 100000 inhabitants 60%
Under 30000 inhabitants 70%


Category B

Charging stations that are installed in places with public access outside of Category A, i.e. on the axes of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and in other places such as gas stations, car stations (parking), marinas, parking areas of buildings with public access, etc..


The aid rates for this category depend on the place (Region / Regional Unit) in which the stations are installed, as well as on the size of the company (large/medium/small) that is a beneficiary of the action.


These percentages range from 20% (e.g. a large company installing an E/O charging station in the central sector of Athens) to 65% (e.g. a small company installing an E/O charging station in Thrace).




Underlying investment projects

Eligible expenditure

Basic Categories of Eligible Expenses and Subcategories of eligible expenses

  1. Basic Category of Eligible Expenditure I: Cost of equipment for charging stations E/O
    1. Cost of new equipment of the E/O charging station including related technical equipment and equipment which ensures the intelligent readiness of the station and the necessary its operating software.
  2. Basic Category of Eligible Expenditure II : Cost of installation work of a E/O charging station
    1. Construction/construction work for installation and location in operation of the E/O charging station.
    2. Elaboration of an electrical study for the installation of the station charging E/O.
    3. Parking space configuration costs and surroundings as well as auxiliary equipment (fences, lighting, systems safety, canopy, auxiliary lighting, protective bars station, parking sensors, etc. ).
    4. Marking of the E/O charging station and installation of a sign (also includes the Recovery Mechanism poster and Durability) and position striping.
    5. (In case of connecting a medium voltage charging station) Expenses works and supply of equipment for a new Medium Voltage Substation or modernization of existing Medium Voltage Substation  in case of its increase of its installed capacity.
  3. Basic Category of Eligible Expenses III : Cost of connecting the E/O charging station to the network
    1. Costs for connecting E/O charging stations to a new supply or via increasing the existing supply of the network.

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