NSRF 2021-2027

Action 3 – Digital transformation of leading SMEs

Funding Key Points

Date of opening/closing of applications

02/23/2023 until the budget is exhausted.

Content of the Investment Plan


Existing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that:

  • To have closed at least one (1) full administrative use
  • Be active in one of the eligible KAD of the investment plan for at least one (1) year.
  • Have at least one (1) eligible KAD activity, when submitting the application.
  • financing of the investment plan
  • To have at least nine (9) EMEs of dependent work during the calendar year preceding the submission of the funding application
  • Work on the investment project has not started before the submission of the aid application.
  • To collect at least a grade of 70 in the invitation’s digital maturity questionnaire.


200.001,00€ – 1.200.000,00€

Public expense

The public expenditure may vary from 10% to 60%, depending on the Region of affiliation and the eligible costs of the investment plan.

The type of aid is a grant. The Action provides the option of choosing the aid regulation either based on EU Regulation 651/2014 (ΓAK) or based on EU Regulation 1407/2013 (De Minimis) as applicable, at the company’s choice.

Underlying investment projects

It concerns businesses that have already integrated ICT in many of their operations and now seek to implement integrated investments in cutting-edge technologies or 4th industrial revolution solutions.

The initial investment criterion must be met:

  • Creation of a new business establishment.
  • Expanding the capacity of an existing unit. The additional capacity of the plant due to the investment plan can only be accepted if the existing capacity of the plant can be certified by official documentation.
  • Diversification of a unit’s output into products or services that have never been produced in it
  • Fundamental change of the entire production process of an existing unit.

Submitting a funding request is allowed either only in “Action 1 – Basic Digital Transformation of SMEs” or only in “Action 2 – Advanced Digital Transformation of SMEs” or only in “Action 3 – Cutting Edge Digital Transformation of SMEs”, under penalty of rejection of all applications. The company may also submit an application to one of the other two actions (Action 1 – Basic Digital Transformation of SMEs and Action 2 – Advanced Digital Transformation of SMEs) only if it has a period of three (3) months from the repayment of the approved financing application in the present action.

Eligible expenditure

      • Equipment Expenditures with indicative costs: Supply of sophisticated systems for remote operation of facilities, automation of the various stages of the value chain (production – transport – storage), production / storage / transport with robotic systems, upgrading of internal data transfer networks, interaction with employees, customers or suppliers, supply of advanced technological systems and mechanical equipment for the production of Industry 4.0 systems and equipment, security systems and equipment (e.g. space surveillance, cyber protection, etc.), unmanned or autonomous vehicle systems and equipment, automation systems , robotic systems, etc.
      • Software Expenditures – with indicative costs: Provision of applications of increased intelligence of administrative and financial planning, digital security, customer and supply chain management, data analysis with artificial intelligence tools, optimization of production, upgrading of services provided, etc.
      • Expenditures for the provision of services related to the digital upgrade – with indicative costs: Consulting and technical support for the parameterization and integration of the new systems in the operation of SMEs, system certification, etc.

      The beginning of the eligibility of the expenses is defined on the date of submission of the application and the maximum duration of completion of the physical and financial object is defined as eighteen (18) months from the date of issuance of the Incorporation Decision.

Other information

It concerns the manufacturing, service and tourism sectors.

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