Action 2 – Green SME Productive Investment

Funding Key Points

Date of opening/closing of applications

22/03/2023. Applications are reviewed until the budget is exhausted

Content of the Investment Plan


Existing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises which, before the date of electronic submission of the financing application, must cumulatively: 

  • have closed at least one (1) full administrative use
  • be substantially active (Main Activity Code or as the Activity Code with the highest revenue) in one (1) eligible activity CA
  • have the eligible investment credit card(s)
  • have at least two (2) EMEs of dependent work during the calendar year, preceding the submission of the funding application


The total public expenditure of the invitation amounts to 400,000,000.00 €

The budget of the investment plan is from 30,000€ to 200,000€. It should be noted that the subsidized budget of the investment plan cannot exceed twice the highest turnover achieved in one of the three (or less if the company does not have three) closed administrative periods of the year preceding submission of the financing application, with a maximum amount of 200,000€.

The percentage of public funding is up to 40% of the budget of the funding request. 

The public subsidy is increased by 10%, as long as “Green Transition” costs are realized and certified at a rate of 20% of the finally certified eligible budget of the investment plan.

Underlying investment projects

Trade, manufacturing, tourism and services

Eligible expenditure

  • Expenditures for buildings and other facilities: Buildings, facilities and surrounding area (up to 40% of the eligible budget)
  • Equipment Expenses: 
  • Production & Mechanical equipment (Contractual Expenses), other equipment (up to 100% of eligible budget)
  • Equipment (GREEN)*, equipment for improving energy efficiency/saving, circular economy equipment, equipment for the installation of photovoltaic stations and storage systems for the production of electricity and covering the own needs (self-production) up to 10KW (up to 50% of the eligible budget )
  • Expenses for Providing Services:
  • Certification of Products – Services – Processes, certification and compliance of products according to national harmonized as well as optional standards of european countries and/or countries outside the EU, certification of services & procedures according to national, harmonized as well as other european and international standards, Intellectual property, – Patents – Transfer of know-how (up to 10% of the eligible budget)
  • Packaging design – Label – Branding services (up to 5% of the eligible budget)
  • Promotion and outreach expenses (up to 20,000€)
  • Participation in trade fairs (up to 10% of the eligible budget)
  • Technical studies (up to 10% of the eligible budget)
  • Consulting services (up to 4% of the eligible budget)
  • Means of Transport: Means of transport (GREEN)* mandatory electric and up to 50,000€
  • Personnel Expenses: Salary cost of new staff from 1 to

3 EME and up to 45,000€

  • Indirect costs (mandatory category and up to 7% of the total eligible budget)

Other information

The deadline for completing the financed investments cannot exceed twenty-four (24) months from the date of issuance of the Incorporation Decision.

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