Bronze χορηγοί στην 48η Τακτική Γενική Συνέλευση του ΣΕΒΕ.

Bronze sponsors at the 48th General Assembly of SEVE

The 48th General Assembly of SEVE members took place on 22.06.2023. The Open part of the General Assembly of SEVE was held with the participation of the Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr. Margaritis Schinas, as the keynote speaker, as well as the former Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Theodoros Skylakakis, the former Deputy Minister for Economic Diplomacy and Extroversion, Mr. Costa Fragogianni and the Managing Director of Attica Bank, Ms. Eleni Vrettou.

At the same time, at the 48th General Assembly, SEVE proceeded with yet another innovation, as with the use of new technologies, Mr. Skylakakis participated in the discussion with Mr. Fragogiannis and Mr. Hypofantis through his hologram, in a panel that won the public’s attention.

The Managing Director of Attica Bank, Mrs. Eleni Vrettou, answering the questions of the Executive Vice-President of SEVE, Mr. Panagiotis Hassapis, referred to the importance of export businesses for the development of the Greek economy, pointing out that “the extroversion and cross-border development of Greek companies it is a necessary condition for healthy and sustainable entrepreneurship. To grow and succeed in international trade, Greek exporters need the support of the financial sector, with financing lines, tools and services that facilitate efficiency and flexibility.